Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Month’s Juror’s Recognition #1

Yesterday was jury day at the gallery and a whole new show was hung. The jurors awarded Juror’s Recognition to three pieces in the new show. Over the next few days I’ll post the other two artist’s description of their inspiration and process.

Today, Paige Garber, one of the award winners explains her quilted wall hanging Red Happiness.


“My inspiration for the Red Happiness quilt wall hanging was, as you might guess a Japanese wood block face, which I bought at a yard sale. At the time I had a collection of red scraps of cotton fabric, and really it was just an extemporaneous exercise in framing the face with all these fun red strips, many of which had an oriental theme to them.
In fact most of my work is done on figuring out a next step and doing it and then figuring out the next. Rarely do I plan an entire composite before embarking on a project.”

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