Monday, March 7, 2011

The Loss of a Giant

I should start my month blogging about weaving in our gallery but I’m so saddened by the sudden death of a true giant in the weaving community, James Koehler. He was just in our area the week before his death, teaching a workshop and giving a presentation at the Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore. He had been ill for a number of months with an illness that was difficult to diagnose but he thought he was now on the mend. That turned out, unfortunately, not to be true.

James was an extraordinary tapestry artist, a former monk, and a wonderful teacher and mentor. Even though the artists in our gallery don’t usually submit tapestry pieces, a number of us took workshops from James and were influenced by his incredible work and his ability to teach both technique and color sense. He recently published a book on his tapestry art and was hoping to publish a book on technique.

You can see more of his work and read more about him on his web site:

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