Friday, March 16, 2012

5, 10, 15 Minutes…Do a Little with a Little

Life is so busy. There are meetings to attend, family events to coordinate, projects for work that eat up time and somewhere in there sleep is needed. With all that’s going on,  sometimes  those large chunks of creative time that we think mean so much (and they do) can be lost in the shuffle.



However, sewing and craft guru Nancy Zieman stresses the practicality of utilizing  smaller chunks of time to do the little things associated with creativity.   Use those precious few minutes to help prepare  for a big project,  organize your planning or  for the business side of your art.

Try these examples when there are just a few minutes available:

  • select  yarns or notions
  • press a yard of fabric
  • layout a pattern
  • mix a small portion of dye
  • wind some bobbins
  • organize  receipts
  • mail a few invoices
  • order supplies
  • read a short chapter in an art book or manual
  • clip or bury a few threads
  • change needles
  • sew on a button or bead
  • organize one small section of your studio
  • clean out the dust/lint in your sewing machine
  • tag some art for the next jury day
  • dust your loom

You get the idea. Don’t just sit there, do something!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Color—The Pantone Picks

With an unusually mild winter almost a memory, designers and artists are thinking about spring. Spring is a time to refresh and renew and try new things. Exciting new color choices are always a great way to experiment and change direction from the somber shades of the colder months. 

Color Swatches

Pantone, created in 1963, is the world-renowned authority on color and color systems.  They are known for the language for color communication for designers, manufacturers and retailers. Pantone specializes in textiles, plastics, architectural interiors and the ever popular paint chips found in hardware stores, designer studios and art stores.

The 2012 selection is dazzling in variations of color and in color names.  Take a look at the names and descriptions they’ve come up with for spring:

Tangerine Tango—described as a juicy orange

Solar Power—an energetic, cheery, yet deep yellow

Bellflower—an ornamental purple

Cabaret—a sensual and intense rosy-red

Sodalite Blue—a calming, classic maritime hue

Cockatoo—a tactile blue green

Margarita—a piquant yellow-green

Driftwood—an adaptable blend of beige and gray

Starfish—a perfect warm summer neutral

For more details on the forecast and designer trends, go to

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