Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peyote Necklaces by Zoya Gutina

Peyote stitched beadwork can be approached in many different ways. The basic stitch involves picking up a bead on a threaded needle and then passing the needle through a bead that has been previously attached. Variations can include but are not limited to using different sizes of beads, shaped beads, beads with asymmetrically drilled holes, increasing and.or decreasing the number of beads in a row, picking up more than one bead at a time, short rows, and fringes. Potomac Fiberarts Gallery member Zoya Gutina shapes small forms such as flower petals and leaves with peyote stitched beadwork and attaches them to a peyote stitched ground. Her richly embellished pectorals are unique adornments that will make their wearer stand out in any crowd.

The back of the above floral piece showing the peyote stitched ground upon which the individual flowers are attached producing a necklace garden.

Two more peyote stitched pieces by Zoya.

The variations of what can be created using freeform peyote stitched beadwork is limited only by the imagination of the beadwork artist and come in as many forms as their are artists doing the stitching. Joanne

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