Monday, November 29, 2010

Brick Stitched Beadwork continued

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonBecause of the stiffness and stability of brick stitched beadwork structures, brick stitch is often used to create beadwork sculptures and vessels. The following freestanding figures are created by Gladys Seaward in brick stitch. Gladys states that she uses but is not limited to brick and peyote stitching and especially likes combining the various beadwork stitches in a single piece. Note the ease with which the brick stitched beads change both sizes and linear directions.

3 Dimensional Figure "Emergence" in brick stitch by Gladys Seaward

"Impaired Dancer" also brick stitch by Gladys Seaward

"Fantasy Goddess" by Gladys Seaward

"When U Wish" also by Gladys Seaward

The following are 2 Dimensional figures in brick stitch by Joanne Strehle Bast. Note that the original "bead ladders" with which brick stitch is started can be bent into any shape and used to "draw" the figures. The direction of design lines can be changed at any time by throwing another bead ladder and stitching off of the new line. Changing bead sizes also help indicate which limbs and/or torsos are in the fore and which are behind.

Charleston and Swing dance couples by Joanne Bast

Disco Dancers with their disco ball

Positioning the 3 sets of dancers into the desired composition

Filling in the background to produce the final 19"x 12" piece of beadwork "Clubbing the Night Away". Note the contrast of the straight lines of beads that the brick stitch produces within the figures and around the frame with the more amorphous background stitching. This helps the figures stand out from the background.

The final project involves photographing the beadwork and reducing it to the size of a playing card, the three sets of nightclub dancers from three different eras representing the Six of Clubs.

So we now come to the end of the month. I have been delighted to be the Potomac Fiberarts Gallery blogger for November. I will now pass the baton on the another member to continue for December. I will return as the blogger for the month of April.

The gallery is filled with fantastic fiber gifts. The Torpedo Factory (105 N. Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314) of which we are a part will celebrate a Holiday Open House December 2 from 6-9PM in addition to our regular hours. Please visit. Joanne

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