Monday, November 15, 2010

More Peyote Stitched Jewelry

Peyote stitch is a very versatile beadwork stitch that can result in vastly different looking items of jewelry as handled by different fiber artists. Peyote stitch can be done flat, in a circle, in a tube, or in a variety of freeform manners.

Flat peyote stitch by Potomac Fiberarts Gallery member Mickey Kunkle is used to connect and/or surround resin elements to form a bracelet and a pair of necklaces.

Circular peyote stitch forms bezels for semiprecious gem elements in a necklace by Mickey Kunkle and a brooch by Gladys Seaward.

Joanne Bast uses tubular peyote stitching in a red necklace followed by tubular earrings by Joanne Bast and Emma Bednar.

A pair of earrings by Mickey Kunkle uses triangular peyote stitch.

My favorite of all is peyote stitch used in a freeform manner. No two examples turn out the same. Freeform bracelet, earrings and necklaces by Gladys Seaward:

Freeform Peyote stitch earrings and necklaces by Zoya Gutina evidence a very different style from Gladys.

Finally, some sculptural freeform peyote by Joanne Bast.

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