Friday, September 24, 2010

Featured Artist: Fran Spaeder

The third gallery member earning a juror's recognition for our current show, "The Child Within", is Fran Spaeder. She made a collection of colorful bags for children. Not only is the fabric colorful, the outside of each bag has built-in pockets just the right size for those all-important crayons!

"Among my favorite childhood memories," Fran says, "was getting a new box of crayons with those perfectly shaped points and a new coloring book. I loved the time spent coloring as a child and then with my 2 sons and now with my 3.5 grandsons. So my patchwork bags hold not just crayons but many fond memories. "

Fran definitely loves color, and her playful personality shines through in everything she creates. Here's a quilt from one of our shows earlier this year. Makes me want to go color!

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