Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gallery Show: Songs in One’s Head—part 2

The theme for the February 2012 show is “Songs in One’s Head”. Artists were asked to create work based on the titles and phrases from songs that they love.

Another artist that was selected to receive recognition for her work in this show was Lynn Hoffman.


Lynn received recognition for a body of work that includes “On the Street Where You Live” (above), “Industrial District 2” and “Yellow Submarine”. Her fiber technique is fabric collage which involves

Hoffman_-_Indus_Dist_2 Hoffman_-_Yellow_Sub

the use of hundreds of small bits of fabric meticulously formed into images and then stitched. This creative style involves hours of carefully placing each piece in order to achieve the color balance, structure and hard edges that form the shapes of her work.

In addition to fabric collage, Lynn also enjoys beadwork, crochet, dyeing, felting and quilting.

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