Wednesday, November 30, 2011

and again: Continuing Education for Artists

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I have only touched on the available opportunities for continuing education for artists. The Washington/Baltimore area is loaded with Museums. In addition to inspiring exhibits, many have classes. The Smithsonian and the Renwick are leaders in the field. Area colleges, art schools community and art centers also have adult education opportunities. There are nationally known craft schools such as Arrowmont, Pilchuck, Split Rock, Peters Valley, Penland and Haystack to name just a few. There are annual regional and national gatherings that offer classes and vendors to help keep up with new products and techniques such as Sheep and Wool Festivals, Surface Design Conferences, Bead Expos, and Felters Flings. Many of our members have attended sessions at such craft schools and/or events.

There are also specialty guilds such as weavers guilds, beading guilds, embroidery guilds, etc that many of us belong to as well as on line groups to discuss processes and problems. The opportunities to grow as an artist are endless, but nobody makes us do it. As artists we have chosen to be self directed, which can also allow us to be lazy or not. This is Joanne Bast signing off as your blogger for November and passing the baton on to the next in line for your December sessions.

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