Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fissures, Fossils and Fragments - 2

The second piece to receive artist’s recognition from the jurors in this month’s show is Ann Liddle’s necklace "Brown Rocks Fragments."


Here she describes her process and also, as luck would have it, she was working in the gallery when it was sold!

“I waited until about a week before the jurying to decide to make a theme piece.  I had been making needled-felted jewelry and thought that technique would let me make something in the short time frame.  I made a few simple sketches of different shapes. I tried to make needle-felted pieces that resembled rock fragments and to string them on the bias tubing so they would sort of jumble together for a necklace.  For earlier necklaces, I had stitched the pieces to the tubing so they were stationary but I wanted this to have some movement.  I did have some trouble figuring out how to create loops in the back of the pieces but after a little trial and error, I got something that worked and looked finished. l  like the engineering aspect of making things as much as the artistic aspect.  A few days after the jurying, I was gallery sitting and a woman came in, saw the necklace and said it would be perfect with a dress she was wearing to a wedding.  She bought it and seemed happy - so I was too.”


Tomorrow will be my last post for this month and I’ll let the artist of the 3rd set of pieces the jurors recognized tell you about them. They, literally, really rock!

(Posted by Larry Novak)

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eileen doughty said...

Interesting how jewelry requires thought not only about the design, but the "engineering aspects" too.