Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fibonacci lives on .....

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Our jurors selected three submissions as best reflecting the golden ratio.

Juror's statement: The theme for our current show is "There Goes Fibonacci". Fibonacci is a mathematical sequence that is found in nature. Some call it the golden ratio because it is aesthetically pleasing. We had many aesthetically pleasing submissions and chose three to highlight the theme: Fran Spaeder's wall quilt, "The Golden Spiral", Betty's Ford's wall quilt "Galaxy" and Ruth Blau's shawl "Fibonacci" woven on a network and mirrored.

... and here they are:

Ruth Blau interpreted the golden ratio in the design of her gorgeous shawl.

Betty Ford's wall quilt subtly incorporates the Fibonacci sequence in her pieced background.

Fran Spaeder recreates the notable Fibonacci spiral.

I hope you'll visit the Gallery this month to see these beautiful artworks.
Ann Graham

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