Monday, August 22, 2011

Talk about the big bucks (or not) we make at our art

I wanted to add those who didn't get their information to me before my last post and add some fun quotes.

This from Janet Barnard:
I started as a typesetter and eventually became the Art Director for the same printing/advertising company. Those were the days when cut and paste actually meant just that.

Joan Hutten
Right out of college I became a flight attendant with Amercian Airlines
making $495 per month plus expenses. I would need a big raise to net that awesome salary now.

What if we're still doing it ? I'm a violinist and teacher. I played in the Richmond (VA) Symphony for 13 years and currently play in the National Gallery Orchestra among other gigs along the East Coast. I also specialize in historical violin performance practice (i.e. baroque violin). When gallery visitors are watching me at work with my beads, I tell them my my day job is as a freelance violinist (from one highly unstable source of income to another, haha). Also, everyone always asks me how I can see all those tiny beads, and I tell them that beads are the same size as notes, but come in much prettier colors

Carol Holmes

A college professor, I taught English Literature. In my college as in most colleges, the English Department got the worst offices, the smallest number of supplies, the least amount of attention. So, when I took up fiber art in retirement, it was no surprise to me that I was once again at the bottom: in the art world, oil painting and sculpture is at the top and fiber art is often not even recognized. However, I have had a most fulfilling life practicing both of my vocations.

Merle Thompson

I was a Washington Intern in the 1980s way before Monica Lewinski made it a bad idea.
For twenty years I taught social studies and am a School Counselor.
I have knit since the age of six and my colorful knitting patterns influence the design of my art quilts.

Alice Lee Timmins

And last but not least, Larry Novaks comment sums it up for most of us

I was a systems engineer and software project manager, mostly for scientific
and engineering applications. There's not much humorous about my cut in pay
as a weaver but the more than commensurate cut in stress is well worth it.


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