Friday, June 3, 2011

Mixed Media at what used to be strictly a bead show

I'll be blogging this week from Milwaukee Wisconsin where for 10 years Bead and Button Magazine has held the largest consumer bead show in the world. It is a week plus of classes, networking, and shopping. Plenty of shopping. It is also a place where it is permissible to look at a fellow passengers chest while riding the elevators or wandering the show floor to see what wonderful piece of jewelry they are wearing. Why should this matter to a fiber gallery? The composition of what is displayed in the gallery began to change a few years back when it was brought to the attention of the membership that there were more than a few fiber techniques being used to make jewelry.

At the same time, the "strictly beads" world was finding that people wanted to know about such things as knitting and crocheting with wire, and making felt into jewelry. This has led to many more classes in these mediums such as a class by world class jeweler Michael David Sturlin in crocheting his signature style of chain. Can't wait to try my hand at this technique.

Location:Milwaukee Wisconsin

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