Monday, April 18, 2011

Surface Stitchery/Embroidery #3

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In many cases stitching over the surface of fiber work with a threaded needle either by hand or by sewing machine may be used to add or enhance pattern as well as the previously discussed line.

In the wall quilt "Dandelions", Betty Ford uses lines closely spaced enough to read as an air flow or wind pattern.
Betty also embellishes fabric sections of the wall hanging "Orchard" with a pattern of closely spaced lines.
Patterns can be made of angular rows of stitching as in Floris FLam's business card case or Judy Gula's Brooch.
Serpentine lines convey an all over organic pattern to wall hangings by Cindy Grisdela and Floris Flam as well as eyeglass cases by Paige Garber and a brooch and barrettes by Joanne Bast.
Words and letters may also be used to form an all over pattern as in Anna Ebersole's Ebb Flow.
The above samples are all of embroidery done on the sewing machine, but pattern may be added by hand as well. Betty Ladd used cross stitching to pattern a quilt within a quilt.
Pattern may also be expressed by specific motifs as in the embroidered flowers and leaves on the knitted and fulled wool hats by Joanne Bast.
Surface stitching or embroidery can be used to embellish fiber works not only by emphasizing and decorating lines but also be adding pattern. The Potomac Fiberart Gallery members are pleased to offer such a wide variety of decorative, wearable and useful items to the public. Joanne

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