Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animals, Animals–Artist’s Judge’s Recognition

Last Monday was Jury Day at the gallery. That’s when everything that was in the gallery comes out and a whole new set of creations goes in.

This month’s judges noted, “This was a great theme. It appealed to many members and resulted in a creative and colorful show. Animals appeared in items of almost every technique, but we especially like the silk paintings (Party Animal and the Elephant) and the wire sculpture (Don't be Koi). Some artists were very overt in their use of animals while some only referred to animals by using animal skin prints. Leopard prints were particularly popular. We think the show is exciting and fun.”

This month the theme was “Carnival of Animals,” and three pieces received special recognition from the judges. I hope the artists will give me some material to post later in the week, but for now, here the three special pieces:

Marla Rudnick’s “Don’t be Koi,” a knit copper wire sculpture:


Kay Collins wonderful hand-painted silk hanging, "The Elephant."


And another hand-painted silk hanging by Patti Koreski, “Party Animals,”


Stop by if you get a chance, to see these and all the other wonderful creations in this month’s show.

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